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Painting Restoration Gallery


                                      Painting Before                                                                    Painting After

  Oil Painting on Canvas, German, painting and frame cleaned and restored.


             Landscape of Venice Before                                                                     Landscape of Venice After

Oil on canvas early 20th century, painting cleaned and varnished


                    19th Century Portrait Before                                                                  19th Century Portrait After

   19th Century Portrait of a Gentleman, Oil on Canvas, Relined and Painting Restored



               Portrait of Violinist Before                                                        Portrait of Violinist After

Portrait of Violinist Oil on Canvas, Relined, cleaned and in-painted  


               Seascape of Ship at Sea Before                                            Seascape of Ship at Sea After

Seascape of Ship at Sea - Oil on board-painting restored, cleaned and varnished


                     Seascape of Ships in Harbour Before                          Seascape of Ships in Harbour After

Seascape of Ships in Harbour - Oil on Canvas, Relined, Cleaned and in-painted. Frame Had Missing Pieces Replaced and Gilt Finish Restored



                                                                                       Oriental Four Panel Painted Leather Screen 6' x 9' Before and After


                                                      Cherub Before                                                                                   Cherub After

Oil Painting on canvas - 18th century, 18" x 3', re-lined to repair multiple tears, painting cleaned and in-painted to conceal tears


                     Civil War Portrait Before                                                                         Civil War Portrait After

Oil on canvas Civil War-era portrait with original frame, painting cleaned and resurfaced, frame rebuilt with new goldleaf


                        Lady's Portrait Before                                                                                  Lady's Portrait After

Early 19th century portrait - oil on canvas with original frame, relined painting to remove creases, cleaned and in-painted frame cleaned and new goldleaf added


                     Madonna Before                                                                                            Madonna After

Oil on canvas, painting cleaned and resurfaced, frame cleaned and original finishes restored


                        Panels Before                                                                                               Panels After

Hand-painted folding screen - burlap on frame, 6' x 6', circa 1900, repaired tears and holes, restored painting


                       Portrait Before                                                                                               Portrait After

Early 19th century portrait - oil on canvas, original frame, cleaned and resurfaced painting, repaired and touched up frame


                    Room Painting Before                                                                                  Room Painting After

Antique painting, 5' x 5', oil on canvas with original painting - imported from Europe painting cleaned and restored, rococo oak paneling refinished